Mercy Boeing Benefits Changes 2023

Highlights of the Preferred Partnership

Boeing has partnered with a leading health care system in the St. Louis area — Mercy Health Alliance — to change the way health care is delivered. This arrangement is called the Preferred Partnership and is designed to improve quality, provide a better experience for you and your family, and be more affordable.

Boeing Standard Plan Option Versus Preferred Partnership Option

If you enroll in certain plans in the St. Louis area, you will choose a “standard option” or the Mercy Health Alliance “Preferred Partnership option”.  The standard options continue to use a network in the St. Louis area that includes a variety of major health systems and providers, plus a national network outside of St. Louis.  The Preferred Partnership options use a network in the St. Louis area that consists of Mercy Health Alliance Providers.  Outside of the St. Louis area, the Preferred Partnership options don’t have a network, but they do include out-of region urgent and emergency care coverage.  Before you select any coverage option, you may want to make sure your providers and hospitals participate in the plan’s network.

How the Preferred Partnership Option Works

To receive network benefits, generally you and your family need to use only St. Louis-area providers in the Mercy Health Alliance network. Emergency care, however, is covered at the network level, even if the provider is not in the Mercy Health Alliance network, or if you are traveling outside the St. Louis area and you need emergency care.

If you otherwise receive medical services from providers not in the Mercy Health Alliance network, and the services are not for emergency care, those services would be covered at the nonnetwork level in the Traditional Medical Plan and the Advantage+ health plan. In the Select Network Plan, nonnetwork, nonemergency care is not covered.

If you cover a child under the plan who lives outside the St. Louis area, including a pre-Medicare child, the standard option may be a better choice for your family.

What’s Important to Know

  • Enhanced services, including:
    • Quicker access to network primary care providers and specialists.
    • More after-hours care availability.
    • Dedicated care teams for complex medical situations.
    • Greater use of electronic messaging, and access to your electronic medical records.
  • Plan Design and cost features mirror the standard plan options with the exception of a few key enhancements, including:
    • Lower paycheck contributions for the Traditional Medical Plan and Select Network Plan.*
    • If you are an active employee, you receive an increased company contribution to your Health Savings Account if enrolled in the Advantage+ health plan.*
    • You pay no cost for network PCP office visits and generic prescriptions are covered at 100% (must first satisfy the annual deductible for the Advantage+ health plan, if applicable).

*Visit Boeing Worklife and the Total Rewards Portal to view paycheck contribution and Health Savings Account comparisons during annual enrollment.

  •  Eligibility, as follows:
    • Nonunion employees and their covered dependents, as well as to employees represented by the following unions, along with their covered dependents:
      • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1;
      • International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 6;
      • International Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local I-66 – St. Louis (Firefighters).
    • Retirees formerly represented by the unions listed above, and formerly represented by International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 610, and their dependents, are also eligible if not covered by Medicare. Those covered by Medicare are not eligible for the Preferred Partnership option.

Plan Administrators

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is the medical claims administrator for the Preferred Partnership plan options.

The following service administrators will provide the network and customer service for both the Standard and Preferred Partnership plan options.

  • Mental health/substance use: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)
  • Prescription drug coverage: Prime Therapeutics
  • Vision Coverage: Davis Vision
  • Employee Assistance Program: Beacon Health Options

Boeing Well Being Programs

You will have access to all the same Boeing Well Being benefits whether you select a Standard or Preferred Partnership plan option. Family members can view general information at Employees will find personalized information on the Total Rewards Portal. Go to Worklife and click on My Total Rewards & Benefits in the Quick access box to go to the Total Rewards Portal.

Listing of Boeing’s Health and Well Being Programs:

More Information

  • Explore this site to learn more about Mercy Health Alliance network, services and support.
  • Contact Mercy Health Alliance member services at (844) 885-4400
  • View FAQs on this site

Boeing Annual Enrollment begins November 1 and ends November 22.

For more information and Annual Enrollment questions

Go to Worklife and click on my total Rewards & Benefits in the Quick access box or call the Worklife Care Team at 866-473-2016 and have your BEMSID and Worklife phone PIN available. When prompted, say “annual enrollment”.



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