About the Boeing Preferred Partnership Option

First introduced in St. Louis in 2016, Preferred Partnership is a new version of each of Boeing’s medical plans – the Advantage+ health plan, the Traditional Medical Plan, and the Select Network Plan – for which the Mercy Health Alliance is the exclusive network. This new arrangement is aimed at providing employees with more personal support, more coordinated care and an enhanced level of service – all at a more affordable cost.

The Preferred Partnership option is available in the St. Louis area to nonunion employees and their covered dependents; and employees represented by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1; International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local I-66 – St. Louis (Firefighters); Local 6; and their covered dependents.

Retirees of the groups listed above and their dependents are also eligible if not covered by Medicare, plus retirees formerly represented by International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 610 and their covered dependents. Those covered by Medicare are not eligible for the Preferred Partnership option.

The Preferred Partnership version of each of Boeing’s plans has a broad network provided by Mercy Health Alliance – including primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care facilities and hospitals located throughout the St. Louis area. Generally, to receive in-network benefits, you and your family need to use Mercy Health Alliance providers and facilities.

Emergency care is covered at the in-network level, whether you’re in St. Louis or traveling outside the St. Louis area, even if the provider is not in the Mercy Health Alliance.

In rare situations where highly specialized services are not available within the Mercy Health Alliance – e.g. transplants – a process is in place to ensure that services are available from an appropriate non-network provider, and paid at the in-network rate.

If you receive non-emergency medical services from providers not in Mercy Health Alliance when those services are available from our providers, those services would be covered at the non-network level in the Traditional Medical Plan and the Advantage+ health plan. Non-emergency, non-network services are not covered in the Select Network Plan.

  • Lower paycheck contributions for the Traditional Medical Plan and Select Network plan for employees
  • Increased company contributions to the Health Savings Account for eligible employees participating in the Advantage+ health plan.
  • No cost for seeing network PCPs (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible).
  • No cost for generic drugs (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible when applicable).
  • Quicker access to network primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists, and more after-hours care availability.
  • More personalized and coordinated care, especially for individuals with complex medical situations such as diabetes or a heart condition.
  • Greater use of electronic messaging with providers, and expanded opportunity to use electronic medical records.

About Membership

You’ll experience the high quality, compassionate care Mercy is known for, as well as more convenient access and more personalized support. Some of the benefits include:

  • A single electronic health record across all Mercy locations, resulting in better-coordinated care and a streamlined care experience.
  • Enhanced access for urgent primary care provider (PCP) visits and for urgent appointments with specialists.
  • Easy online and mobile access for reviewing test results and emailing your care team through MyMercy.
  • Proactive provider support for preventive care and chronic disease management.

Experts agree on the importance of selecting a primary care provider (PCP) – someone who knows your medical history, ensures better coordination of care and works with you to manage your health. You can choose (or change) your PCP at any time during the year. If you don’t choose a PCP during annual enrollment, you can choose one later, or your plan may provide an interim PCP based on where you live.

PCPs include the following types of providers:

  • General or family practice providers
  • Internal medicine providers
  • Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths
  • Pediatricians
  • Obstetricians/gynecologists
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants

Mercy is here to assist you in selecting a PCP to fit your personal needs. If you need help with researching and learning more about PCPs that fit your needs, please visit the online provider directory on this website.

No, although you might wish to ask your PCP to recommend a specialist who is best suited to meet your needs. And please note that in order to receive the highest level of coverage, the specialist you see should be part of Mercy Health Alliance.

Yes. Emergency care is covered at any hospital, and urgent care is covered outside of the St. Louis area at any urgent care facility that’s part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network – all at the in-network benefit level. (In the St. Louis area, remember to use urgent care facilities that are part of the Mercy Health Alliance network to get the in-network benefit.)

The following administrators will provide networks and customer service.  Click here to find providers and resources for:

  • Prescription drug coverage:  Prime Therapeutics
  • Vision Coverage: Davis Vision
  • Mental health/substance use disorders:  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)
  • Employee Assistance Program:  Beacon Health Options


If you need additional information on how your health plan pays, please call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois at 1-888-802-8776. If you need additional information on the Annual Enrollment process, or issues like dependent eligibility, call WorkLife at 1-866-473-2016.

The amount you’ll pay depends on your situation:

If you require emergency care, you’ll pay the in-network cost of the service, whether you’re in the St. Louis area or outside the area.

If it’s not for an emergency, you’ll generally pay 40 percent of the cost of the service after you meet the annual deductible in the Traditional Medical Plan and Advantage+ health plan. In the Select Network plan, non-emergency care at a non-network facility is not covered.

In any other situation where a particular service is not available from any network provider, see the information in the next FAQ.

Please visit: https://www.mercy.net/forms/patient-feedback/ and fill out the attached form OR mail your concern to: Mercy Clinic – East Community, Attn: Tracy Riordan MD 615 S. New Ballas Rd, 3rd floor Convent Building St. Louis, MO 63141

Finding a Provider

  • Mercy Hospital St. Louis
    • Mercy Children’s Hospital St. Louis
    • David C. Pratt Cancer Center
    • Mercy Heart and Vascular Hospital St. Louis
    • Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital St. Louis
  • Mercy Hospital South
  • Mercy Hospital Washington
  • Mercy Hospital Jefferson
  • Mercy Hospital Lincoln
  • Anderson Hospital, Maryville, IL
  • Anderson Medical Group
  • Mercy Clinic (locations throughout the Greater St. Louis area)
  • Select community providers

Mercy Health Alliance represents a broad care network available to Boeing employees and their dependents. You’ll have access to the full range of specialists and subspecialists and the latest treatment options if a higher level of care is needed. In addition, Mercy Health Alliance caregivers who are part of Mercy Clinic are linked by an electronic health record that’s available to them 24/7, so you can be sure they’ll always have your most up-to-date health information. In addition, if your physician is with Mercy Clinic you have access to parts of this record through MyMercy, our online portal that allows you to make appointments, contact your care team, get lab results, and more, whenever and wherever you want.

To search for a specific provider, please visit our online Provider Directory on this page.

A PCP is a physician or advanced practitioner who acts as your health care advocate and oversees your preventive and general care.  He or she also works as a central point to help coordinate care and services with specialists when needed. At its core, a PCP helps you get healthy and stay healthy. Although electing a PCP is not required, it is encouraged for these reasons.

Visit our online provider directory on this website to learn more about the providers who are located near your home, work or anywhere else.

Visit our online provider directory on this website to see if your provider is in the Mercy Health Alliance Network.

Yes. The specialists available to you through the Preferred Partnership option with Mercy Health Alliance Network are among the most highly regarded in the country in all areas of clinical expertise, such as high-risk pregnancy, neurosurgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery, robotic surgery and more. Visit our Providers page to see a complete listing of specialists and specialties.

Yes. Visit our Providers page for a complete listing of pediatricians and pediatric specialists. If the need is outside our scope, we have special agreements in place with other medical centers for specialty care services. We also offer care for all ages through family medicine physicians.

In Missouri, imaging tests like MRIs, CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds need to be done at Mercy Imaging locations or Metro Imagining locations to get the plan’s network level of benefits. In Illinois, these services need to be performed at Maryville Imaging, Anderson Hospital, Anderson Express Care or the Warren Billhartz Cancer Center to get network benefits. Imaging services performed at any other location will result in the plan’s lower, non-network benefits.

The network for lab services consists of Mercy Labs in Missouri, Quest locations in Missouri and Illinois, and Anderson Hospital and Anderson Wellness Center in Illinois.  Quest has lab draw stations located at the Anderson Express Care sites.

You can find the locations of Mercy Imaging and Lab centers by clicking here and searching for “Lab” or “Radiology Centers”.  On that same site, you can find the locations of the Maryville Imaging Center by searching on Radiology Centers, and you can find the Anderson Express Care locations by searching for “Urgent Care”.

Yes. For the services and provider categories shown below, the Mercy Health Alliance will supplement its network with the providers that are part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

Facilities and Services

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Hearing Aid Dispensary
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Audiology
  • Maxillo-Facial Surgeons
  • Podiatrist

To get network benefits for the types of services shown immediately above, you can use:

  • Providers who are affiliated with the Mercy Health Alliance network — and you’ll find those here, or
  • Providers who are in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network, but not affiliated with the Mercy Health Alliance. These providers will be considered network providers. You can find these by going here.

Some providers are not part of the Preferred Partnership agreement, even though their offices are located at a Mercy facility. To be sure the provider you use is part of the Preferred Partnership network, please reference www.boeingmercy.net and the “find a provider” resource.

Mercy On Call

  • Once established with a Mercy Primary Care Physician, simply call their office and you will have access to Mercy’s 24/7 on-demand clinical care team that will provide you with real-time guidance and support for your condition
  • When you call your Mercy primary care office during business hours, a full primary care team will address your questions and concerns
  • When you call your Mercy primary care office after hours, Mercy On Call will be there for you with registered nurses, advanced practitioners and an emergency medicine physician to help determine your best option for care


Medical Records & Appointments

MyMercy provides you a summary of your health information based on your care team’s entries in Mercy’s electronic health record. You can view your test results, see your appointments (both future and in the recent past), treatments you’ve received such as immunizations, any allergies you may have, and what medications your records show that you are taking (both those your care team has prescribed and any that you have reported to your care team).

If you see an Anderson physician or the Anderson hospital, you have access to their EMR through MyHealth.AndersonHospital.org. which allows you to view laboratory and radiology results, allergies, medications, view upcoming appointments and schedule appointments.

Call 1.888.98.MERCY (1.888.986.3729).

I forgot my User ID. What should I do?

Click the Forget Your User ID? link on the sign-in page. You will be asked for the name and e-mail address you used to establish your MyMercy account, and if you are able to provide this, your User ID will be sent to your designated e-mail.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the Forget Your Password? link on the sign-in page to reset your password online. MyMercy will walk you through the steps for resetting your password.

After logging into your MyMercy account, point to the Appointments option in the navigation bar and click on Schedule an Appointment in the drop-down menu. You will be taken to a page that shows your Primary care doctor’s first available appointment, which you can select and then click Make Appointment. If you want to search for other dates and times, select the Advance Search tab. There you will be able to search for appointment dates and times that more closely meet your needs.

For Specialists, you will follow the same process, but will only be able to request an appointment.

Appointments previously made online that are scheduled to occur in more than 24 hours can be canceled online. However, appointments that will occur in less than 24 hours cannot be canceled online. Please contact your care team’s office directly to cancel and/or change these appointments.

How can I renew a prescription?

If you have refills remaining, just contact your pharmacy and request a refill. However, if you have no refills remaining, you can ask your care team to renew your prescription through MyMercy. Log into your MyMercy account, point to the Prescriptions option in the navigation bar, click on Renew Your Prescriptions option in the drop-down menu, and fill in the requested information.

What’s the difference between a renewal and a refill?

A prescription renewal is needed only when you have no more refills remaining on a prescription. A refill means that your care team has authorized you to receive a new supply of your drug for a given amount of time and a limited number of re-orders. If your care team has either told the pharmacy “no refills” or if your limited number of refills has expired, you can use MyMercy to request a renewal from your doctor.


View your secure online health record.


Find a Mercy Health Alliance location near you.


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